Session Chairs


Date Organizer Event Topic(s) Speaker(s) Remarks
Annual Reunion
Multiple Endocrine & Diabetes topics
Multiple Speakers
NRSMC Ex students’ association
150y celebration of NRSMC
Multiple topics on diabetes
Multiple Speakers
Monthly meeting
Endocrine hypertension (case presentation)
Dr Abhirup Banerjee
EnSPIRE, Chandigarh
A boy with multiple fractures (case presentation)
Dr Abhranil Dhar


Date Organizer Event Topic(s) Speaker(s) Remarks
Endocrine Refreshment Program
Endocrine Wise Owl
DM Residents
Thyroid clinic
Case presentation
Dr Yashashwib Pathak Dr Abhirup Banerjee
ESB & RSSDI,WB Chapter
Endocrine Encounters
Drs Ipsita Ghosh, Sunetra Mondal, Subhodip Pramanik, Narayan Chakraborty
Department of Endocrinology CMC Vellore
Endocrine Masterclass
Case presentation: Acromegaly
DM resident
Insulin Discovery Day Celebration
Management of diabetes from festivities to sickness : focus on insulin
Dr Sunetra Mondal
Department of Endocrinology SGS Medical College & KEM Hospital
Endo Update JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai
Pheocromocytom a and paraganglionama
Drs Tobias Else,Frederick Castinetti, Saba Memon,Abhishe k Jha
ESI, Rajasthan affiliate
Multiple speakers
Date Organizer Event Topic(s) Speaker(s) Remarks
Jan 5,2021 Bengal Forum of Clinical Pharmacology 7 Therapeutics Webinar: A Tour to Hyponatremia Drugs & Hyponatremia ; Approach to Hyponatremia Drs S.S.Samajdar & Rahul Valsaraj Chairperson
Jan 22,2021 CMC, Vellore Endocrine Masterclass Hirsuitism Dr Abhirup Banerjee Resource person
Jan 23,2021 CMC, Vellore Endocrine Masterclass Acromegaly Dr Johns Resource person
Feb 7,2021 IACM, Tripura State Chapter 9 th Annual State Conference Early initiation of insulin Dr Pranab Kumar Sahana Chairperson
Feb 7,2021 ESI, East Zone Satellite Symposium Snake Bite Drs Kishore Behera, Kaushik Pandit, Partha Pratim Chakraborty, Ritesh Agarwal Moderator
March 28,2021 American Academy of Yoga and Meditation AAYA webinar Erectile dysfunction Drs Deepak Jumani & Shambo Samrat Samajdar Chairperson
July 4,2021 IDEA IDEACON 2021 Good for Growth (3 topics) Drs Moutusi Raychaudhuri,Satinath Mukhopadhyay, Bipul Choudhury Chairperson
July 30, 2021 DAIWB IDD 2021 Insulin in pregnancy Dr Chitra Selvan Chairperson
Aug 7,2021 Lake Town Synergy Insulin Conclave Economic of Insulin; Insulin in COVID 19 patients;Recent advances in basal insulin Drs Soumik Goswami, Kaushik Sen, Kaushik Biswas Chairperson
Sept 1,2021 DAIWB National
Debate : One
should eat to
Drs Deep Dutta
and Arundhuti
Sept 12,2021 PACE Pituitary
Meet the
presentation by
AIMS Kochi
Sept 19,2021 API WB Chapter Masterclass Hypercalcemia Dr Soumik Goswami Moderator
Nov 14,2021 RSSDI, West Bengal
Chapter &
World Diabetes Day
Epidemiology of Type 1
Dr Graham Ogole Chairperson
Nov 21,2021 KDEF Annual
What after
Diabetes and
Dr A.K.Das
Dr Richard Holt
Dec 9,2021 ESI ESICON 2021 Case : A virilized female infant Lecture : Steroid profile: when to order & how to interpret Dr Yash Chauhan
Dr Anurag Ranjan Lila
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s) Remarks
Jan 6,2020 Oberoi Grand,Kolkata Endocrine Enrichment Program (ESB) Case presentation DM/DNB trainees Expert examiner
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s) Remarks
Jan 6,2019 Oberoi Grand,Kolkata Endocrine Enrichment Program (ESB) Case presentation DM/DNB trainees Expert examiner
Jan 21,2019 Physiology Lecture Theater, NRSMC CME by Students’ Council NRSMC Basics of OAD Dr Soumik Goswami Chairperson
Jan 21,2019 Physiology Lecture Theater, NRSMC CME by Students’ Council NRSMC Basics of Insulin Therapy Dr Kaushik Sen Chairperson
Jan 30,2019 GLT, MCH Reunion 2019 by MCESA Topics on Endocrinology& Diabetes Multiple speakers Chairperson
March 5,2019 Department of Endocrinology
EEE by ESB Mock examination DM students Expert examiner
March 28,2019 Academy Building, MCH Diabetes Update by MCESA DPP4i : trusted workhorse Dr Partha Sarathi Chowdhury Chairperson
April 7,2019 Citi Residenci,Durgapur 4th BD Con APJ Abdul Kalam Oration Prof Abul Hamid Zargar Chairperson
May 5,2019 Taj Bengal Diabetes Update ,KDEF OAD Prof Simon Heller, Prof Subhankar Chowdhury Chairperson
May 12,2019 ITC Sonar, Kolkata Annual Conference of MPPCOS Society PCOS Prof Rakesh Sahay, Prof Sarita Bajaj, Prof Ashraf Ganie Chairperson
July 30,2019 KPC Medical College Kolkata Insulin Discovery Day Diagnosis & Prevention of Diabetes DRs Anirban Majumdar,Sarmishtha Mukherjee,Rana Bhattacharjee,Santosh Kumar Singhe Chairperson
November 21, 2019 Hotel Le Meridien, Nagpur 49th ESICON Pathogenesis and management of atypical femur fractures Prof Peter R Ebeling Chairperson
December 10,2019 MCH,Kolkata GH update GH therapy in GH deficient children Dr Moutusi Raychaudhuri Chairperson
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s) Remarks
Jan 20,2018 Oberoi Grand, Kolkata Endocrine Enrichment Program(ESB) Debate : A BP goal of 130/80 mmHg is preferable to 140/90 mmHg in type 2 diabetes Drs Geena Susan George and Kunal Thakkar Expert Chair
Jan 21,2018 Oberoi Grand, Kolkata Endocrine Enrichment Program(ESB) Case presentation DM/DNB trainees Expert examiner
Feb 3,2018 IPGME&R T1 DM Workshop organized by DAIWB,ISPAD & Directorate of Health Services (NCD section)Govt of West Bengal Practical issues in managingT1 diabetes in resource limited settings Dr Anju Virmani  
April 1,2018 Anand Amusement Park, Durgapur South Bengal Diabetes Update Debate : CVOT of antidiabetic drugs are necessary Drs Sujoy Majumdar and Altamash Sheikh Chairperson cum moderator
April 10,2018 Mother and Child Hub, Medical College Kolkata Thyroid Update thyroid associated orbitopathy – surgical management Dr Salil Mondal Chairperson
May20,2018 Oberoi Grand, Kolkata KDEF Conference Heart failure and T2D Dr Sudhir Bhandari Chairperson
July 15,2018 Peerless Inn, Kolkata Half yearly diabetes update of DAY Glycemic benefits of SGLT2i and insulin sparing effectiveness Prof Debmalya Sanyal Chairperson
July 29,2018 Hyatt Regency, Kolkata Insulin Discovery Day (DAIWB) 1.Managing brittle diabetes & hypoglycemia unawareness
2.Year in Diabetes Complications
1.Dr Mimi Giri
2. Dr Subhankar Chowdhury
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s)
January 24,2017 GLT, Medical College Growth Hormone Update Management of GH deficiency in adult and in transition-Indian perspective Prof Rajesh Khadgawat
January 30,2017 GLT, Medical College Reuinion Diabetes & Endocrinology Drs Animesh Maiti,P.K.Sahana,Anirban Sinha,Hridish Narayan Chakraborty, Soumik Goswami
April 8,2017 HHI, Kolkata 2nd NCCD Therapies: modern and conventional 2017 Drs Debmalya Sanyal,Partha Pratim Chakraborty,Vijay Paniker
May 14,2017 J.W. Marriott, Kolkata KDEF Diabetes Update Gestational diabetes: is it a disease? Dr Richard Holt
July 8,2017 J.W. Marriott, Kolkata IDEACON 2017 Debate and lectures Drs Sambit Das, Manish Gutch,Satinath Mukhopadhyay,K.D. Modi,Rajesh Rajput,Prasun Deb
Sept 7,2017 Medical College,Kolkata National Nutrition Week Celebration Debate : Food replacements arevaluable tools in management of diabetes and obesity (acted as judge) Drs Sreenath Ravindranath,S,Raghuvanshi.Debarati Bhar, S.Mandal
Sept 9,2017 Guwahati Third AESCON Free paper session (acted as judge) Young researchers
Oct 24,2017 NRSMC Eastern India Pediatric Endocrinology Update GH therapy in non GHD short stautre Dr Sambit das
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s)
April 24,2016 Park Hotel, Kolkata KDEF Diabetes Update 2016 Diabetic Nephropathy;
Insulin therapy in type2 diabetes;
Major mental illnesses and diabetes
Prof Abhijit Taraphder,Dr Manas Pratim Baruah, Prof Richard Holt
April 28,2016 Medical College ,Kolkata CME Premix Insulin Dr Soumik Goswami
May 22,2016 HHI ,Kolkata AMRICON- Nuclear Medicine Update 2016 Somatostatin receptor imaging;Peptide receptor therapy;Prostate cancer therapy Dr Vikram Lele,Dr Sandip Basu,Dr Ishita Sen
June 7,2016 NRSMC Enthusia 2K16 Various topics on diabetes MBBS students
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s)
Feb7, 2015 Novotel, Kolkata 4th Annual Conference of RSSDI West Bengal Chapter Role of kidney in T2DM : Lessons from renal pathophysiology Prof Krishna Seshadri
April 23,2015 Medical College Kolkata CME on Infertility Male Infertility
Female Infertility
Dr Anirban Sinha
Dr Mandira Dasgupta
Sept 19,2015 Hotel Golden Parkk,Kolkata 14th Annual Conference of IACM Best of both worlds : insulin coformulation in type 2 diabetes Dr Santosh Kumar Singh
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s)
April 22,2014 NRS Medical College Growth Symposium Interpretation of growth charts Dr Abhijit Chanda
Feb 1, 2014 HICC,Hyderabad, India ICUE Vit D deficiency- strategies for a public health problem Dr R.K. Marwaha
August 25,2014 Hotel Hindustan International CME by IACM Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors Dr Sujoy Ghosh
Sept 26,2014 Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi 11th Asia Oceania Thyroid Congress ITS Plenary (Interpretation of thyroid function tests) Mark Gurnell
Nov 13,2013 Netaji Indoor Stadium Diabetes Fair Tackling the epidemic of diabetes : role of capacity building Dr Sandeep Bhalla
Nov 14,2014 Command Hospital Alipore World Diabetes Day (RSSDI WB Chapter) Debate : Unnecessary concerns about the cardiovascular safety of antidiabetic drugs is impeding effective hyperglycemia management Dr Soumik Goswami, Dr Rana Bhattacharya
Nov 16,2014 PGIMER, Chandigarh 44th ESICON Research presentations Shobhit Bansali,P.Gupta
Date Place Event Topic(s) Speaker(s)
Feb18, 2013 NRS Medical College Seminar organized by Nephrology Department Management of diabetes in presence of CKD Dr Pinaki Mukherjee
Nov 13,2013 Netaji Indoor Stadium Diabetes Fair Tackling the epidemic of diabetes : role of capacity building Dr Sandeep Bhalla