Oral 2020-2024

Oral Presentation 2024

Date Place Event Topic
20.1.24 Suresh Neotia Convention Center EnDiab Summit 2024 Cardio renal metabolic control in T2D
29.1.24 Medical College, Kolkata 89 th Reunion Flexibility of basal insulin intensification
17.2.24 Dr B.C.Roy institute ER Medicon 2024 First peptide in a pill to treat type DM
25.2.24 Taj Vivanta METTA bolical Semaglutide
7.4.24 Taj Vivanta 8 th EKDG Con 2024 Early insulin initiation: how early is early?
12.5.24 Mysore Medical College Hormone Rhythm 2024 Approach to gynaecomastia
26.5.24 Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata 7 th NCCD PCOS & diabetes

Oral Presentation 2023

Date Place Event Topic
07.01.2023 B.C.Roy Auditorium, Sealdah ER MEDICON Peptide in a pill
21.01.2023 ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata EnDiab Summit 2023 SGLT2i in DKD
05.02.2023 Taj Vivanta, Kolkata Indian Diabetes Forum Peptide in a pill
02.04.2023 ITC Sonar, Kolkata Legacy Academy (Lake Town Synergy) Quality audit of medical evidence
20.05.2023 HHI, Kolkata 6 th NCCD Gut- brain axis in diabetes
28.05.2023 Le Meridien, Kochi ITSCON 2023 Interpretation of thyroid function tests(Meet the Professor)
1.7.23 ITC Royal Bengal HOPECON 2023 Basal insulin optimization
8.7.23 JW Marriott, Kolkata IDEACON 2023 Approach to a 28y old male with thyrotoxicosis
29.7.23 Dhono Dhanyo Auditorium, Kolkata CRESCENDO 2023 Approach to a 15y old boy with absent secondary sexual characters
29.7.23 Dhono Dhanyo Auditorium, Kolkata CRESCENDO 2023 Peptide in a pill
10.9.23 Hotel Taj Bengal 13 th Annual Conference of KDEF Teneligliptin & Remogliflozin : evidence for place in prescription
14.10.23 Hotel Stadel, Kolkata Annual Conference of ISAR Endocrinology and ART
15.10.23 Hyatt Regency, Kolkata Annual Conference of Howrah Town Diabetes Society Iatrogenic hypoglycemia
4.11.23 HHI, Kolkata 6th DAYIDEC Gut brain axis is diabetes
15.11.23 HICC, Hyderabad ESICON2023 Pathophysiology of post TBI hypopituitarism
23.12.23 ITC, Royal Bengal BOGSCON 47 GAHT

Oral Presentation 2022

Date Place Event Topic
16.01.2022   NUCD Role of sustained release Vidagliptin in T2D 
11.02.2022 Hybrid program Bengal Transmen Handling the pandemic, gender perspective
12.02.2022 Webinar EnDiab Summit 2022 Role of Empagliflozin – Linagliptin combination in T2DM
29.04.2022 ITC Royal Bengal CRESCENDO 2022 Testosterone replacement
28.05.2022 ITC Royal Bengal HOPECON 2022 Basal insulin
18.06.2022 HHI, Kolkata 5th NCCD Extraglycemic effects of metformin
27.08.22 Webinar Lake Town Synergy CME Ration way of basal insulin initiation
04.09.22 Suresh Neotia Centre 7th DAYIDEC Once daily vildagliptin
05.11.22 Citi Residenci , Durgapur 7th BDCON Hyperuricemia in DKD
06.11.22 Taj Bengal Kolkata KDEF Annual Conference DD4i vs GLP1Ra : 2022 update
19.11.22 HHI, Kolkata 7 th Metabolic Update of EKDG Basal insulin
1.12.22 NRSMC, Kolkata 150y of NRSMC History of Department of Endocrinology, NRSMC
2.12.22 Biswabangla Convention Center GSICON Subclinical hypothyroidism in the elderly
8.12.22 NRSMC Ecstasy/Enthusia DD4i vs GLP1Ra : 2022 update
22.12.22 B.M.Birla Auditorium,Jaipur 51st ESICON Neuroendocrine tumours : endocrinologists’ perspective

Oral Presentation 2021

Date Place Event Topic
26.2.2021 Webinar (Lake Town Synergy) IDEC Empagliflozin, linagliptin fixed dose combination
28.2.2021 Webinar (Lake Town Synergy) IDEC Next generation basal insulins
25.4.2021 Webinar (Ahalia,Palakkad) Ahalia Diabetic Foot Update Management of diabetic neuropathy
8.5.2021 Webinar (LakeTown Synergy) Quarterly update Insulin initiation
4.7.2021 IDEA (Virtual) IDEACON 2021 Asymptomatic hyperuricemia: to trat or not to treat
4.7.2021 DAY ,Kolkata Annual DAY webinar Next generation basal insulins
26.9.2021 RSSDI Bihar Chapter Annual Conference Glycemic variability

KIDS On line training program

iSchool Insulin regimens

KIDS On line training program

iSchool Insulin regimens


Virtual Kendocon Management of
Obesity -Indian

Oral Presentation 2020

Date Place Event Topic
Jan 4,2020 OFIL,Ishapore CME Cheeni Kam: Current guidelines in diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus
Jan 11,2020 Swabhumi 6th ACCLMPCON Insulin therapy in diabetes
Jan 26,2020 Raviz Kodavu, Kozhikode MENDOS 2020 Drug abuse in bodybuilding and sports
Feb 2,2020 Leela Ambience, Gurugram SPEEDCON 2020 Approach to a child with rickets
Feb 8,2020 Stadel, Kolkata Charles Best Memorial Day by Lake Town Synergy SGLT2i & DPP4i FDC
Feb,23,2020 Achutha Menon Study Center,SCTIMST,Thiruvananthapuram T -ENDOCON 2020 Current concepts in GDM