Oral 2020

Oral Presentation 2021

Date Place Event Topic
26.2.2021 Webinar (Lake Town Synergy) IDEC Empagliflozin, linagliptin fixed dose combination
28.2.2021 Webinar (Lake Town Synergy) IDEC Next generation basal insulins
25.4.2021 Webinar (Ahalia,Palakkad) Ahalia Diabetic Foot Update Management of diabetic neuropathy
8.5.2021 Webinar (LakeTown Synergy) Quarterly update Insulin initiation
4.7.2021 IDEA (Virtual) IDEACON 2021 Asymptomatic hyperuricemia: to trat or not to treat
4.7.2021 DAY ,Kolkata Annual DAY webinar Next generation basal insulins
26.9.2021 RSSDI Bihar Chapter Annual Conference Glycemic variability

Oral Presentation 2020

Date Place Event Topic
Jan 4,2020 OFIL,Ishapore CME Cheeni Kam: Current guidelines in diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus
Jan 11,2020 Swabhumi 6th ACCLMPCON Insulin therapy in diabetes
Jan 26,2020 Raviz Kodavu, Kozhikode MENDOS 2020 Drug abuse in bodybuilding and sports
Feb 2,2020 Leela Ambience, Gurugram SPEEDCON 2020 Approach to a child with rickets
Feb 8,2020 Stadel, Kolkata Charles Best Memorial Day by Lake Town Synergy SGLT2i & DPP4i FDC
Feb,23,2020 Achutha Menon Study Center,SCTIMST,Thiruvananthapuram T -ENDOCON 2020 Current concepts in GDM